130 How Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Business Assests with Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers is a business lawyer, intellectual property strategist, creator of Small Business Bodyguard.

She runs this non-traditional law firm—Rodgers Collective P.C.—that has successfully disrupted the legal industry and made it easy for innovative companies, startups and entrepreneurs to work with experienced attorneys and get the legal help they need to do the crazy stuff they want to do. Rodgers Collective has been featured in various media outlets, including Fast Company, MSNBC, Forbes and The Washington Post. During the last five years, she has advised some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs out there.

She started another legal revolution when she created the innovative and entertaining legal kit called Small Business Bodyguard: Cover Your Bases, Cover Your Assets, Cover Your Ass. This game-changing resource has been called “fun and engaging” by New York Times bestselling author Chris Brogan and a “graduate-level course on how to build a strong foundation for your business” by CEO of OurDeal,Kyle Durand.


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