10: The Red Head Idit Neuderfer

What does a fiery, redhead ex-actress have in common with attorneys in the courtroom?

Idit Neuderfer switched careers from acting to the role of consultant for empowering business and personal presence. Idit works with the “Startup boot camp”, a program with the goal of helping entrepreneurs and business professionals deliver a clear message. She was awarded the honorary distinction of Mentor of the Year in 2004. She also works with lawyers, bankers and other professional to succeed by leveraging their presentation skills.

Idit’s Background:

Five years ago Idit was a successful actress performing on television and in theatre, fulfilling her childhood dreams. Throughout her time as an actress she had an empty feeling inside that she could do much more in her life and career. Ignoring the advices of her friends to just relax about the whole idea, she started exploring different arenas until she found sales and marketing.

Proving her friends wrong she created “The Red Head” technique, a successful technique that masters the art of presenting. She is now an executive speech coach and storytelling expert, presenting at various seminars and workshops.

Topics Touched On:

  • Techniques to help our audience remember the most vital points of our discussions, drawing back to the fact that only 7% of information is remembered by the end of the discussion.
  • The importance of staying clear and attached to our emotions, in order to connect to the stories and emotions of our clients and audience.
  • Exploring the art of being present and authentic.


Connect With Idit:

Website: iditneu.com
Email : idit@iditn.co.il
Linkedin :Idit Neuderfer
Facebook and Twitter

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