06: The Miracle Morning with Hal Elrod

You know those people who after meeting you just can’t get them out of your head?

Their energy comes across so strongly that they leave a lasting impression on you and you wonder what they went through in life to become that way?

While it’s rare to find these people in the boardroom or annual attorney events, it is possible to bring a lasting impression to those you meet in your professional career.

Hal Elrod doesn’t allow anything to stand in his way. After a life threatening head on motor accident he went on to run a 52 mile marathon after being told by doctors he would never walk again. He is inspiring thousands worldwide with his story and is the author of two books including the number one best seller “The Miracle Morning”.

Hal’s Background:

Hal started out on a radio show at the young age of 15. He was a naturally talented cutlery salesman in his 20s and after breaking numerous company sales records he was asked to begin speaking at public events on behalf of the firm. He went to receiving standing ovations and discovered his passion in life. Driving home one night in his brand new Ford Mustang he collided head on with a Chevy truck heading down the wrong side of the highway. Breaking 11 bones and damaging multiple internal organs he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Paramedics miraculously brought him back to life after a long 6 minutes. He astonished doctors when he made a rapid recovery and even attempted to bring his salesman skills into the hospital room by offering the latest and greatest cutlery deals to doctors and nurses, only a few days after being brought out of a coma.

Hal went on to become a Hall of Fame business achiever, coach, author and key note speaker but when the economy crashed when he was 26 he experienced  what he says was an almost bigger event than the accident itself. He lost multiple clients, his house, ended up in debt and even considered suicide. This rock bottom time in his life saw him searching for the deeper meaning of life and the writing of his number one best seller.

Topics Touched On:

  • The incredible power of a positive mindset amongst the most gruelling of circumstances.
  • Inspiring techniques to bring clarity, motivation and success into your life when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom.
  • The link between fear and fulfilling our true potential.

Connect With Hal

  • Website: www.halelrod.com                                                                                                                   Facebook: Miracle Morning Community                                                                                                         The Miracle Morning                                                                                                                                         The Five Minute Journal

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