13: The Love Guru PJ Dixon

P.J.’s mission in life is simple: “Love Deeply and Teach Others to Do the Same.”

His commitment to love has earned him the title of “love guru,” which causes him to smile and inspires him to live, love, and share more fully every day.

P.J. is a life-long motivational speaker, spiritual teacher, and relationship coach – he is also the creator of “Learning to Love,” a 4 step program designed to help people reconnect with their heart and learn to love themselves, their lives, and others more completely. Despite his disability, which was expected to take his life by 7, he chose to live, and live well! 39 years later, P.J.’s a 10th degree black belt, martial arts and women’s self-defense instructor, meditation teacher, former wheelchair athlete, adventure-seeker, water colorist, author, and is in the National Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities!

P.J. loves his life and lives every day to inspire others to love theirs.

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