The Loneliness of Podcasting

This is a reminiscence from my first six months of podcasting.

You, the audience, are an invisible silent being to me. You don’t really exist to me.

You exist as an inanimate mass that I have to move.

When I’m in front of a live audience, I can see if I’m affecting them or reaching them as any performer can.

If you’re a real performer who wants to leave “it all on stage” (as it is said amongst performers, give it your all and there is nothing left of you when you get off the stage), how do you know if you’re communicating with an audience that you cannot see?

You have to have a sixth sense about whether you’re communicating with an audience you can’t see.

You have to imagine the audience. You have to imagine someone listening to you in a car, in an office, or at the gym.

There is an audience out there. How do you know they exist? You have to sense that they exist. You have to imagine they exist.

When you build a loyal audience, you become a part of the geography of their mind. Whatever time of day you’re on, they’re going to find you because they need you. This validates your existence.

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