15: Stop Procrastinating and Start Succeeding with Chris Cooper

Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert Chris Cooper is one of the most dynamic, engaging and accomplished authors, coaches, trainers and speakers in America. His engaging demeanor attracts passion seekers, career changer and everyone in between to push the Limits, Execute their Passion & Get ‘beep’ Done!

His enthusiasm is contagious. He’s a life and business coach. Does a lot of work for Tony Robbins.

Helps people become speakers and coaches too.

Helps entrepreneurs and professionals stop quitting, stop procrastinating, and start succeeding in their business and their lives.

Connect with Chris :

  • Website : chriscooperlive.com                                                                                                           Twitter                                                                                                                                              Watch out for the Expert Industry Bootcamp event this comingMarch 10-12, 2016

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