08: Serving For Greatness with Matt Tenney

Matt Tenney’s key to greatness simply is to effectively serve others. Author of “Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom”, Matt works with companies, universities, associations and non-profits to develop highly effective leaders who achieve long-term success by focusing on serving and inspiring greatness in the people around them.

Matt’s Background:

Matt’s uncommon journey started with a charge of fraud in 2001 where he arranged the unauthorization of the delivery of a large sum of US government money. This life-altering mistake saw him serving 5.5 years in a military confinement facility serving as a marine officer. The first six months of military prison was spent in confinement which led to a near suicide. Matt learned the practice of mindfulness training which transformed his existence and he was able to study the powerful lessons which monks practice. These included the art of being happy with nothing and discovering the joy and power of a life devoted to being of service to others.

Upon completion of his military prison term, Matt co-founded and lead two non-profit organizations and went on to work with influential leaders. He is now a social entrepreneur and international key note speaker. He is a trainer and consultant with the prestigious Perth Leadership Institute, whose clients include multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Topics Touched On:

  • The fine art of give vs take-why putting people over numbers leads to a greater consistency of success.
  • Why providing a genuine service to your audience is a strong focus point in the public speaking arena.
  • The practice and implementation of self awareness, stepping out of pre-scripted thought patterns, being fully present in the moment and how this relates to your audience and day to day life.

Connect With Matt

  • Website: www.matttenney.com                                                                                                               Twitter and Facebook                                                                                                                                            Book : Serve to Be Great

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