Our mock trial program is designed to train students to express their opinions and enhance their communication skills.

Students will learn the basic techniques that lawyers use in the courtroom, such as delivering an opening statement and closing argument, brainstorming powerful theories and themes that will resonate with juries, mastering the art of storytelling, cross-examining witnesses, and gathering evidence.

Our motto is “learning by doing.” As such, our program gets students up on their feet and working in a safe environment. Instead of being reduced to note-takers or spectators, they put into practice the ideas covered in class.

Following a class on mock trial technique, students are divided into small teams. Using the theories presented, they will brainstorm ideas, gather evidence, prepare opening statements and closing arguments, and learn how to tell their client’s stories vividly and memorably, like artists painting word pictures in the minds of the jury.

They will argue against their opponents’ case by cross-examining witnesses, introducing helpful evidence or keeping out harmful evidence, identifying the weaknesses in their adversary’s case, and presenting their case confidently and convincingly.

The human element of winning the minds and hearts of the jury will be emphasized. To that end, students will be taught to drop any artifice and to embrace their true authentic selves.