Bringing the

Life Back to
the Law

Acting For

Connecting to the Jury &
Finding Justice Through
Dramatic Technique

Buckle Up…

This is not your father’s
storytelling class

Learn Mike’s Technique

“Mike combines a unique blend of left-brain thinking with right-brain artistry. He is a trial lawyer with nearly ten years of experience trying serious felony cases. Passionate about the theater, Mike is a student at one of the most renowned acting conservatories in NYC. This presentation reveals how the creative world of acting overlaps with the courtroom and how the connections between these two disciplines can be used to bring the human element to the jury.”

  • “This class exceeded my wildest expectations. Mike is an outstanding teacher! He made the class come alive in ways that I never dreamed possible. I give him my strongest endorsement.”

  • “It is rare to find a teacher who is as passionate about teaching as they are about the performing arts. Mike is that teacher.”

  • “Mike guides you to depths of truth in your storytelling that you don’t
    even realize until you’ve arrived.”

  • “ This course will challenge everything you know to be true about the courtroom, and then challenge that ‘new’ found truth. The freedom to play inside that discovery is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s what makes me the lawyer I am today.”


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