04: How To Work A Room with Susan RoAne

How many networking events have you attended in your career as an attorney where you froze at the thought of engaging in conversation in a room full of strangers?

Bestselling author of “How to Work a Room” and “Secrets of Savvy Networking” Susan RoAne shares her tips for bringing who you are to what you do and the powerful opportunities that lay within social context. Susan has built a successful career out of teaching the power of engagement, how to network effectively and the importance of creating real visibility. She helps multiple organizations and individuals develop and manage client relationships to maximize business.

Susan RoAne’s Background:

The old fashioned rules Susan had to abide by at the beginning of her working life was that woman were only taken on as receptionists in the advertising world where she wished to build a career. After a daunting interview as a receptionist, she decided to give teaching a go instead. She worked as a school teacher but as her friends began to get laid off, she saw the opportunity in helping them create new careers. She designed a “career change workshop for teachers” that quickly grew in popularity.

Susan is now a key note speaker in the international arena and a successful networking mentor and coach. She has spoken at the American Bar Association (ABA) and numerous law firms. Susan feels honored to speak at various firms, law schools and Bar Associations as this is her passion and looks forward to future opportunities speaking in this area.

Topics Touched On:

• Why small talk matters, how the little things create connection and conversation upon which you build solid business relationships.
• Creating a personal touch in a digital world.
• Techniques to accomplish your very best self-introductions at networking events to bring about engagement and make memorable impressions.
• How to cultivate newly developed business relationships and turn them into viable connections.

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