03: How To Make Technical Speak Easy For Everyone with Monica Metzler

Many professionals that work in highly technical fields such as scientists and engineers are so specialized in what they do in practical terms that they struggle conveying their complicated ideas and information to the lay public by way of public speaking.

After attending a public speaking event on a topic that Monica Metzler was highly interested in, she disappointingly found by the end of the talk she struggled to absorb any of the information given by the guest speaker, through their complete lack of public speaking skills. Rather than being a critic, Monica embraced a desire to develop non-confrontational programs and workshops to assist public speakers to clearly convey their messages to the audience.

Monica’s Background:

Monica’s professional background is nothing short of impressive. From holding a Masters in Public Policy, practicing in Intellectual Property for a renowned international law firm, managing site logistics for large government corporations, to holding title of President for Illinois Science Council, a non-profit organization she founded in 2006.

Topics Touched On:

  • Conveying highly technical information to your audience in layman terms and engaging them on a personal level.
  • The commonality of the human fear of public speaking and thought provoking tips on how to overcome the inner critic.
  • Strategies to tailor the content of your presentation according to your audiences’ level of understanding of the topic.
  • Advice for preparation of speech, including script writing and tips for a unique delivery style.

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