17: How to Focus on What You Want to Expand with Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has lived abroad and traveled the world, having been all over Europe and Asia. He has a gift for connecting with audiences and he has demonstrated ability to positively effect others. Jeff Davis has worked with youth groups, colleges and universities, non-profits, businesses, and various organizations, leading them from the valley to higher levels of personal achievement, satisfaction, and fulfillment. He teaches practical strategies on how to handle difficult situations, how to better manage time, lead from within, simplify work tasks and life, develop and maintain greater communication skills, and make the right life choices.

He wrote about his epic adventures in his first book, Traveling Triumphs: The Improbable in Budapest and Beyond. In addition to being an author, Jeff is a professional speaker and has spoken internationally across three different continents. Jeff is ready to help professionals unlock their secrets, apply practical strategies, and reach the Mountaintop .

Connect with Jeff :

  • Website : JeffDSpeaks.com                                                                                                                                     Email : Jeff@JeffDSpeaks.com                                                                                                                       Twitter 

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