11: How To Build A Strong Legal Community using Social Media with Jacob Sapochnick

Avoiding using social media to connect with your clients for fear of being sued for unprofessional conduct?

Jacob Sapochnick is the founder of an incredibly successful immigration law practice in California with the guiding principles of being kind and helpful. Jacob doesn’t rely on the traditional forms of legal marketing but rather has entered the new arena of social media. Host of the popular podcast “Enchanting Lawyer”  that assists attorneys in practicing more efficiently and getting happier clients, he takes a unique approach to using social media to build a strong legal community.

Jacob’s Background:

Originally from Israel, Jacob came to the States in 1997 to complete his LL.M (Masters) in International/Technology Law. On completion of his LL.M he wished to work in the area of International Property Law. He found it hard to obtain work so he joined a firm working in the area of probate, estate planning and immigration. He picked up on his passion for immigration law and after 2 years, felt he was ready to build his own firm in 2004. He took on a new form of marketing through blogging which led to a phone call from Fox News, who contacted him as they saw him as a leader in the field. After a television appearance on Fox News, Jacob featured on multiple media shows and built his reputation as a top immigration lawyer.

Topics Touched On:

  • Untraditional methods of marketing through blogging and social media to connect with your clients and build a legal community that leads to future business.
  • The importance of building a digital footprint and media platform straight out of law school.
  • The power of a strong email list and why it is an asset to your firm.
  • Bringing human touch through podcast and why this is a great marketing tool as an attorney.

Connect With Jacob:

Firm website: www.h1b.biz                                                                                                                         Podcast:  www.enchantinglawyer.com                                                                                                        Email: jacob@enchantinglawyer.com                                                                                                          Twitter: @visalawyerblog

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