09: How To Be A Presentation Ninja with Rick Altman


Rick Altman is a public speaker, consultant and  author of “Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck” and founder of “The Presentation Summit”, a conference devoted to creating captivating presentations. Rick covers the whole industry through his teachings of message crafting to presentation design, slide creation, software technique and delivery.

Rick’s Background:

Starting out in sports journalism in the early days of desktop publishing, he went on to working in the area of graphics, in particular a program that was a giant in the Windows industry before Adobe took over. Rick began giving seminars to graphic designers and then started giving seminars on how to give seminars. He is considered the PowerPoint authority and guru, which actually came about simply by his observation of his own failing in PowerPoint use.

In 2003 he hosted his first conference and to his surprise 180 people showed up interested in his discussion on PowerPoint presentations. He is now in his 13th year and attracts professionals from all over the world.

Topics Touched On:

  • How to channel your nervous energy, and what practices you can carry out to improve your performance through vocal patterns and body gestures.
  • The concept of storytelling through PowerPoint and how it can be used towards persuasion techniques as a trial lawyer.
  • The three vital components to a presentation- what you say, what you show and what you give.

Connect With Rick:

Website: www.presentationsummit.com                                                                                  www.betterpresenting.com                                                                                                                           Email:     info@betterpresenting.com                                                                                                    Twitter:    @rickaltman

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