94. How Does a Story Play A Role in the Courtroom with Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman received a best actor award from Zaki Gordan Institute for “Daddy’s Girl,” a short film based on her one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet – a critically acclaimed show that moves people to change their lives.

She’s performed MBH at The New End Theater in London, The Jewish Ensemble Theater in Michigan, Celebration Theater in Los Angeles, The Marsh, San Francisco, for Coalitions against Domestic Violence in NY, AZ and NM, for women prisoners in Los Angeles, spiritual communities, at theaters, women’s groups, for college students and faculty in NY, AZ, MI and HI, for the US Air Force and at International Theater Festivals in England and Austria. She is the recipient of a Hero of Forgiveness award from The Hawaii International Forgiveness Project and has been interviewed on Fox TV morning news and NPR.

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