Finding The Inner Child

I’m walking down Times Square and a little boy, maybe 5 years-old, is running toward me with his hand held high, pumping his fist and shouting, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…” He’s doing it as if he’s just seen his favorite rock star. I can’t help smiling from ear to ear.

To be an effective actor you must find the child inside you at play. You must work to lose the inhibitions that bind you. You must do what you do like a child that plays for the sheer joy of it. Alive in every moment.

Never neglect your inner child. Never lose that sense of wonder and play. As the Persian philosopher and poet Rumi once said, “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” When was the last time that you felt bewildered or fascinated about something? You’d be amazed at how different connecting with other people and learning new things would be. Connecting with other people makes you feel whole. It’s food for the soul that contributes to your creative side.

As a thought experiment ask yourself the question, “If you were to go back in time and give your child self some advice, what would that be?” The imagination is a powerful tool for learning. Albert Einstein talked about using your imagination to tap into wisdom.
Now fast forward ten years into the future. What advice would you give yourself coming back to this present moment that you need to hear? Ultimately, all wisdom and knowledge is self-knowledge. This is extremely empowering and mind expanding.
Robert Loggia and Tom Hanks at play in “Big.” It’s fun and invigorating to let your hair down and throw caution to the wind.

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