59: Deliver High Impact Stories and Presentations with Taren Sterry

For more than 15 years, Taren Sterry has helped people from all walks of life become confident communicators and successful leaders. Through her unique blend of executive coaching, presentation training, counseling, and team-building, Taren provides her clients with a transformative experience—one that helps them discover their voice and their bliss, become effective leaders, and achieve their goals.

Her coaching has boosted employee satisfaction, stimulated productivity, and increased sales, to say nothing of its dramatic effect on the lives of individuals. A certified coach, Taren is also a fearless improv performer and a veteran of the nonprofit healthcare sector, with more than a decade of experience training hospice workers in end-of-life care. Together, these experiences have taught her how to be unflappable in any situation, and she shares that hard-won knowledge with her clients.


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