02: Courtroom Tips Through The Eyes of a Former Pool Salesman with Marcus Sheridan

How does a pool salesman who almost reached bankruptcy transform his business into one of the most successful pool companies in the world, taking his life-altering lessons to the stage, and inspiring thousands along the way? Marcus Sheridan’s marketing approach is so unique yet so simple; you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. Marcus uses the power of human emotion to break down the barriers that even the top-educated attorneys have erected that prevents them from winning over the Jury.

Marcus’s Background:

After the collapse of the stock market in 2008, Marcus started sharing his story of how he turned his failing pool business around through powerful content marketing which now drives half-a-million global visitors each month to his website, River Pools.

In 2001, along with two of his friends, Sheridan started a swimming pool company called River Pools. Business went smoothly after seven fruitful years in the industry, however, it wasn’t always a joyous ride for Sheridan and his company. In 2008, stock market and real estate collapsed causing havoc in many commercial businesses.

A year after, Sheridan was almost declared bankrupt after losing thousands of dollars only to preserve his business. It was only then that Sheridan had to step out of his comfort zone and do something about it. Sheridan and his company survived those grueling years where every penny mattered.

Today, River Pools is one the most famous and most visited swimming pool websites in the world, garnering an average of half a million visitors per month.

Like Sheridan, there are many businessmen striving for success, but only a few remain persistent in pursuing their goals in the business industry. Sheridan capitalized on several values and tips needed in the courtroom similarly as one enters the sales and marketing world.

He saw the immense value he could bring to other’s lives through his experience and launched his new business “The Sales Lion”.

He is in hot demand with multiple companies approaching him to find out the secret to his success. He is called to speak about his expertise in a number of forums and public speaking events, TEDx talks and at numerous entrepreneurial organizations.

Topics Touched On:

  • How the principal of authenticity is linked to vulnerability and how you can use both to connect with your audience on their level while earning their trust.
  • Breaking the comfort traps to stand up and be an innovator.
  • The skill sets that have nothing to do with what grade you got in law school.

Step out of your comfort zone

We all have excuses for things we don’t want to do, and for Sheridan, that’s using the internet. He instilled an excuse in his mind that he wasn’t techy, wasn’t a good writer and wasn’t a decent videographer just because using the internet wasn’t his cup of tea.

Although he knew it was a great investment for his pool business, he chose to stick with his comfort zone for several years until he was left no choice because of the financial crisis they were facing. Sheridan brushed off his insecurities and finally made a leap of faith outside his comfort zone in order to save his company.

Staying in your comfort zone also has its negative effects. It oftentimes lead to laziness and unproductiveness and it also makes you too comfortable of where you are now that is why you get left behind by others who are growing beyond their comfort zones.

Get to connect with your audience

Relating to your audience is a basic foundation of winning them over in the courtroom. According to Sheridan, being on the same page with your audience is better than having them praise you for what you have to say. His success as a great speaker was not how great he speaks or how graceful he delivers his message, but his greatness comes from finding that common ground that connects him to his listeners.

To win a jury you must not try to persuade them to believe in what you say, but you must humble yourself and be one with the jury and let them feel your connection to one another. As mentioned by Sheridan, no matter how intellectual the discussion and appealing a lawyer can be, if the audience can’t understand or relate to what he/she has to say, it is worthless.

Vulnerability isn’t a weakness

Showing your vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of humbling yourselves to the people around you. Lawyers usually bring up their emotional walls up while in the courtroom to hide their vulnerability, but without losing your ego and acknowledging the crowd, one cannot establish rapport among its jury.

Good lawyers are ones that can stand firm of their judgement and explain well to the jury in the courtroom, while great lawyers are ones who reveal themselves also as human beings similar to what the jury is and be on common soil with them where the lawyer and the jury understands each other.

Storytelling is only as good as its relevance to its audience

Who would ever want to hear a story about their kids in a corporate business meeting? If it isn’t relevant to its audience, it’s just mere entertainment. However, storytelling with purpose is what matters because it brings enlightenment to its listeners. Lawyers and attorneys must consider that whatever story they incorporate in their message must show a relevant connection to its audience.

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