Are Two Heads Really Better Than One?

We live in an age where all of our responses to life are monitored, our thoughts and feelings are continually judged and weighed into the scale of social acceptance. Generally speaking, we grow up in a world of doubts, apologies and yieldings.

It’s like we have two heads on our shoulders.

One speaks and the other criticizes.

It’s an odd way to live. As you speak, you can hear your thoughts and the judgment that accompanies them. The internal dialogue sounds something like this, “Is what I said what I actually meant to say?” “Did I say it the way I wanted to say it?”

Moreover, “How did other people receive it? What do they think of what I just said?”

Pushing this all down, some of us take a step out into the unknown to experience the hallmark of every great performing artist: the joy of free association.

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