179: The Elements of Brain Storming and Getting Fresh Innovative Ideas with Mike Pacchione

Mike Pacchione (bonus points if you can pronounce his last name without making a “ch” sound) taught Public Speaking for seven years before starting at Duarte in 2012. Since then, he has facilitated nearly 200 workshops for some of the biggest brands in the world. A quick list includes Google, Nike, Twitter, Microsoft, Slack, Boeing, StateFarm, PepsiCo, Liberty Mutual, American Express, Gilead Sciences, MedImmune, Capital One, Bank of America, TIAA-Cref, DirecTV and similar companies.  He still teaches on the side while also advising startups on investor pitches. He has presented at Nike, South by Southwest, the Northwest Communication Association, the Oregon Entrepreneurial Network and several startup incubators in Portland, Oregon (where he lives). His work has been included in Toastmasters Magazine and he has appeared on podcasts such as The Speakers Lab, Domino Effect and Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM).

Mike has a Master’s in Communication Studies from Portland State to go with his undergrad BA in Speech Communication from the University of Richmond.

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