172: Ghost Blogging Business with Dayne Shuda

Dayne Shuda runs, a done-for- you blogging service that commands premium prices, and oversees a team of 20 part-time writers to deliver the work for clients around the country. But like most businesses, Ghost Blog Writers came from some pretty humble beginnings. In fact, Dayne started it as a side hustle with $0 upfront investment. Digging a little more into Dayne’s background, I discovered he worked at a footwear retailer in Wisconsin. Small world!

In this episode, we dig into the early days of his ghost blogging business, including how he hustled for his first clients, the smart ways he began to attract customers to his virtual doorstep, and he’s grown the enterprise beyond a traditional time-for- dollars freelance operation.

It’s a blog-writing service for a variety of different businesses. He has about twenty part-time writers and several clients.

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