170: Lawyer Practice Management with Alvaro A. Arauz

In 1997, Alvaro began helping attorneys improve their law firm efficiency to achieve greater profits with less work.  This awareness enriched the quality of representation and maintained competitive legal fees, resulting in less-stressed and happier attorneys.  He has worked with the country’s top attorneys in nearly every practice area, making him a quintessential law practice management consultant.

Alvaro believes attorneys should focus on two aptitudes: represent clients and foster new clients.  Through processes and technology, he developed ways to delegate tasks that takes attorneys away from these goals.  He also believes law firms should inherit two “Do Wells”:  “Do Well by the client” and “Do Well by the employee”.  To accomplish that, Alvaro delivers a comprehensive and streamlined set of solutions tailored to the firm’s practice area(s) and growth plan.  This eliminates marketing or management sinkholes and affords more time to the attorneys to focus on their own lives.

When not saving attorneys from inefficiencies and keeping them accountable, Alvaro spends time with his loved ones, helping his community or expanding his photography portfolio with his photographs from around the world.  His travel photography, seen at, has been featured in Atlanta’s Art Space International Gallery two years in a row and has raised hundreds of dollars for law school scholarships.

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