161: Maximizing the Power of Individuality and Personal Authenticity with Sam Christensen

Sam Christensen was educated in classical directing and Theatre Arts at University of Colorado at Boulder. The first years of nearly four decades in show business was spent in concert promotion in the Rocky Mountain States. Broadway production experience led to a move to Hollywood and casting assignments for television and feature films with projects as diverse as THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, THE CHAMP and the cult classic, THE CLASH OF THE TITANS.

For eight rewarding seasons Sam filled the roles on America’s all-time favorite television comedy, M*A*S*H. With the final episode of M*A*S*H Sam completed what he considered the best possible assignment but not before casting the Emmy winning television mini-series, JONESTOWN, THE GUYANA TRAGEDY of which the New York Times said, "…masterful and inspired casting is the single most outstanding artistic contribution to this historically significant and important docu-drama." Next Sam began the development of the personal authenticity system that has come to be known as The Sam Christensen Process.

Today Sam concentrates on consulting, teaching, and keynote lecturing internationally. To date thousands of people have sought out the groundbreaking process he created. Movie stars, CEO’s, political candidates as well as cultural leaders, authors, news anchors, journalists and countless working performers credit his innovative system for maximizing the power of their individuality and personal authenticity.

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