143: Case Strategy Consultation with Chris Dominic

Chris Dominic serves as President and a Senior Consultant of Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Inc. Tsongas is a full service firm, providing a full range of research and trial consulting services, including case strategy, community attitude surveys, pre-trial jury research, identification of key issues, development of case themes, witness preparation, jury selection, courtroom visuals, assistance with opening statement and closing argument, and post-trial juror interviews. He leads the company’s national practice and counsels clients on cases ranging from everyday litigation and ADR to some of the highest profile, highest stakes trials in the nation. He has presented many seminars across the nation on case strategy, witness preparation, pre-trial research, jury selection, litigation graphics, and jury decision- making.

Dominic’s background in persuasion and advocacy has contributed to his expertise working with attorneys on case strategy, witness preparation, litigation graphics, and effective courtroom communication techniques. Dominic served as President of the American Society of Trial Consultants for the 2007-2008 term.

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